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social media marketingthe world of social media marketing doesn’t have to be murky and confusing when you work with the professionals at &co. pr! if there’s one thing we see consistently, it’s that companies are absolutely baffled when it comes to developing a social media strategy. which sites should they use? do they need a profile everywhere? how do you get people to respond? is advertising really effective? what’s the point of it all, anyway?

the questions are myriad, and that’s where working with an experienced public relations professional can get you ahead. our president, Jamie Tobin, not only has years of experience in the food, drink and hospitality industry, she’s also skilled at event planning and marketing strategy. she cut her figurative teeth at some of the Bay Area’s best public relations and marketing firms and has worked several major events like Eat Drink SF and James Beard Foundation’s Taste America. when you blend that level of planning skill with her knowledge of media relations, you have a recipe for social media success!

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social media marketing is a unique project to tackle. it’s one part planning and coordination, one part social networking, one part advertising know-how, and multiple parts innovation and creativity. it can take up a surprising amount of time and mental space, which is why a lot of businesses don’t realize the full challenge behind developing a social media strategy until they give it a try for themselves.

having the weight of a skilled social strategist on your side will help you see more benefits without extensive trial and error or wasted time and investment. Jamie is well-versed in getting to know the ins and outs of the Bay Area’s top restaurants, world-renowned chefs, and beverage companies in order to put together the puzzle of how they can succeed at social media. the hospitality industry is ripe for social media success — all you need to do is harness it. &co. pr can help you do just that!

in addition to social media marketing, we also offer numerous other services designed to help your business or persona succeed. when you work with us, we’ll help with a public relations strategy, event planning, social networking, creating buzz, improving public image, connecting you with the right media and influencers, tracking results, media relations and so much more. to set up an appointment and discuss your goals with Jaime, reach out to us today. we’ll help make you the taste of the town!