Social Media Marketing Firms

Social Media Marketing Firmsyou certainly have your pick of social media marketing firms in the San Francisco Bay Area… you can barely swing a stick without hitting one “social media guru” or another. after all, Northern California is home to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and several more major social media giants. anyone can set up a profile, but you need someone with insider knowledge of the hospitality industry. know anyone who can help create a unique food and beverage social media plan? we do.

Your Food and Wine Social Media Plan

at &co. pr, we’ve built our business on working exclusively with people in the food, wine and hospitality industries, from wineries to world-renowned chefs to beloved restaurants. we even work closely with consumer products like Chimay Trappist Ales. a social media marketing plan from us isn’t going to consist of a generic calendar and stuck-in-a-rut thinking. to succeed in this highly competitive area, you have to set yourself apart. we can help with that.

we’re lucky: food and beverage social media plans are uniquely positioned to be fun, fresh, and interesting. people love to hear about what’s going on in the kitchen, to know when they can come try the latest vintage, and to experiment with an innovative new spirit that just hit the market. the trouble is finding the time to create and execute that plan! that’s where we come in. where other social media marketing firms might stop at setting up a Facebook profile and automatic tweets, we go deep and use a multi-pronged approach to ensure success. in addition to social media management, we also incorporate media outreach, social networking, and event planning to give your audience something to talk about. and once they have something to talk about, they know where to go to talk about it… social media!

we’ll help you not only encourage discussion about your brand, we’ll help you control the message. with our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends with online influencers and the worlds of food, wine and hospitality, you’ll discover exactly why social media marketing is such a big deal in the San Francisco Bay Area. reach out today to set up a consultation with Jamie and like &co. help you make your digital mark!