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media out reach

From pitching media to tracking results, we stay on top of your presence in the media from start to finish. Whether it’s fielding queries or brainstorming creative trend stories, we’re your eyes, ears and voice when it comes to dealing with the media.


We will work with you to help develop and maximize social networking tools to allow you to interact more freely with fans in a modern and effective way. By effectively utilizing media channels, as well as monitoring and reaching out to high profile blogs, we are able to communicate your news to a very broad and informed audience quickly, thus keeping you current with the influential trendsetters in your area. We will also work with you to develop other marketing initiatives to help grow your business.


Whether small or large scale, &co. pr will work with your team to handle any and all of the logistics involved with your event. From the marketing side to the project management side, our team will ensure your event is a success.

social management

Social media is the fastest and easiest way to gauge trends, interest in your industry and your brand, and ensure you are staying relevant. Each day, people all around are talking about your brand – and &co. pr is there to participate directly in those conversations and help control your message. We work with your team to help leverage your existing social media channels (or develop new ones) and create relevant, exciting and rich text & multimedia content that will keep your audience engaged and excited – and keep the conversations flowing,