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public relations firms foodthere aren’t many public relations firms serving the food and beverage industry exclusively, but those that do tend toward the specialty do so for a reason. at &co. pr, we work exclusively in the hospitality industry because it’s where both our experience and our passions lie. in the Bay Area, we have our work cut out for us, whether we’re event planning for a world-renowned chef or coordinating social media for a winery in Napa. the benefits of working with food and wine public relations firms are myriad, from having a team at your back that always has their fingers on the industry’s pulse to getting specialized insight into what brings in customers.

we choose to specialize in food and drink PR because it’s where our president, Jamie Tobin, got her start and discovered her love for all things culinary. the Bay Area hospitality scene is unlike any other, with nods to cultures spanning the entire globe to some of the finest dining in the world. in a single day, you can go wine tasting, hit up a food truck or two, try snacks from several different countries, have award-winning coffee, and finish the day in a sleek three-Michelin-star restaurant, all without ever leaving the Bay Area. and that’s just scratching the surface!

work with a pr firm that truly gets you and your business

Jamie’s made her mark by working in San Francisco for some of the best pr and marketing firms in the area, as well as event planning for major events like Eat Drink SF and James Beard Foundation’s Taste America. that’s experience that other public relations firms that don’t specialize in food, beverage or hospitality just can’t match. whether you’re opening your first restaurant or want to put your wine on the map, you want to work with a public relation firms that truly get you and your business. that’s what &co. can provide.

in addition to our pr work, we provide a range of services designed to help you succeed in a highly competitive market. we can help with social media strategy and management, event planning, social networking, media outreach, marketing, and so much more. don’t let other public relations firms sway you with flashy presentations — choose one that knows the food and beverage industry as well as they can flip a pancake (our pancake-flipping skills are legendary). reach out today to set up a consultation with Jamie!