Public Relations Firm

Public Relations Firm Eventsonoma county is home to one of the world’s most spectacular food and hospitality industries, and local purveyors of food and drink deserve a public relations firm that can help them stand out and succeed. that’s where &co. pr comes in: we’re a boutique public relations and marketing firm that’s made our mark working with many of the area’s top restaurants, world-renowned chefs, and innovative consumer products. we offer a range of services, from media outreach to event planning, designed to help our clients rise above the crowd.

Your Public Relations Partner

&co.’s president, Jamie Tobin, has been working in the hospitality industry for over a decade, learning the art of public relations from some of the Bay Area’s leading hospitality and lifestyle agencies. she’s worked national culinary events like James Beard Foundation’s Taste America and Eat Drink SF, as well as working with notable clients like Chimay Trappist Ales, Bouchon, Bardessono Hotel, Sonoma Cider, 1313 Main, and many more. this is experience you simply can’t find at most public relations firms, and Jaime’s experience shines through every step of the way.

the services offered are specifically designed to enhance our clients‘ chances of success. we’re a public relations firm that uses a multi-pronged approach in order to marry effective marketing and a stellar public image. we use our media outreach chops to keep our fingers on the pulse of your media presence and pitch you to all the right places. social media management and networking is a big piece of what we do, allowing you to reach fans in the newest and most innovative ways, whether that’s a feature in a high-profile blog or matching you up with influential social media trendsetters. top it all off with show-stopping events that leave your guests with great memories and even better things to talk about, and you have an undeniable recipe for success!

please reach out to the &co. public relation firm today to discuss your product, persona, or restaurant. Jamie is happy to offer consultations and help you come up with a plan to make your business the “taste” of the town!