How can public relations help my business/brand?

There are many ways! We are your storytellers. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of the brand/business – a third arm if you will. The people working in the business are working every day to drive it forward- operational, creating new menus, brewing beer, etc. The employees are building the brand internally and that doesn’t leave much time for them to worry about the external outreach. If there is no one directing the message of the brand, the business is a risk for someone who doesn’t know your brand to tell your story. Part of the mission of &co. is to share the message of the brand and make sure the right messaging is getting out. Every company is different, but here’s an example of work we have done.

In terms of your operating budget, PR is much more cost effective than advertising. Consumers are very smart and know that advertising is purchased as a way to sell their product or service. But when that same consumer reads an article in GQ or The New York Times or Food & Wine, written by a third party, immediately it has credibility. Take charge of your brand’s messaging through an effective and personalized public relations strategy. We also continue the exposure your company receives from PR by working with marketing and social media. &co. can help your business with positive media impressions that grow the reach of your brand messaging. Contact us to discuss further.