why do you need a pr firm?

simply put, you need a pr firm because you’re busy. seems obvious, doesn’t it? and yet, you’d be surprised at how many restaurant owners, chefs, winemakers, and more seem to think they can do it all. if you build it, they will come, right? well, maybe in a Kevin Costner film, but in real life, the public needs to be informed about your business to support it. that’s where your pr firm comes in.

public relations is an industry that’s tied to, but also separate from, marketing and advertising. while marketing and advertising shows your business to potential customers and tries to entice them in, pr is about controlling the message of your business and shaping its image. it tells your business’ story, in other words. not everyone can do that well, and that’s okay — we all have different strengths, and when you want to spend more time in your kitchen or tasting room than making calls and arranging media outreach, that’s completely understandable. you should! let your public relations firm be your third arm.

Why do you need a pr firm?in the highly competitive world of food and beverage in the Bay Area and beyond, you only have one shot at being shiny and new. once the shine wears off and people have moved on to the next thing, how do you stay relevant? it doesn’t matter how many amazing things you’re doing if no one knows about them. whether you’re a brewery that just won your eighth gold medal or an up-and-coming chef who’s opening your second restaurant, it’s vital to get the right message to the right people.

a good pr firm gets to know you and your business on a personal level, really absorbing your story and figuring out how to translate it into something that the public will love. at its core, pr knows that the most trustworthy information to consumers comes from third-party sources — magazines, newspapers, online outlets, news media, interviews, and similar. making those contacts is difficult when you don’t know where to start, let alone arranging the pieces. when you work with the right people, they’ll handle that for you, giving you access to arenas that the average person trusts much more than a typical advertisement. it’s always better to hear it from someone else!

at &co. pr, we work hand-in-hand with our media contacts, keeping our fingers on the pulse of the food and beverage industry and finding the people who are writing the right articles for each client. this is a hugely competitive area, with restaurants opening and closing every day, and you absolutely have to stay relevant to stay afloat.

let your favorite local pr firm help you find that sweet spot! a boutique firm is the way to go — we get to know all our clients personally and welcome them into our little family, and that makes us passionate about what we do. passion is catching!